Transformational Marine Construction Services

Develop any stretch of shoreline in collaboration with the design specialists and contractors at Waterfront Engineering Inc. without delay. Our full suite of marine construction services gives you an advantage when it comes to completing projects on time, every time. Our track record in the industry and our solid relationships with many of the leading vendors in this market allow us to offer customized designs and flexible scheduling.

Hurricanes and the storm surge that comes with them is a constant concern for any property owner on the eastern seaboard and the gulf coast. Having a dependable seawall in place can protect your shoreline from erosion and perhaps even your home from flooding. Our more than 50 years of combined experience in this industry gives us the insight needed to choose the right subcontractors for every project we complete.

Let our team of engineers and designers create a new plan for your entire location, or modify your existing docks and seawalls to meet your changing needs. Customer satisfaction is a priority with every project we take on, and our advanced methods and materials make a difference. Replace any deteriorating structures and enhance the overall functionality and value of your window onto the sea.

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Seawall Construction and Maintenance

Depending on the particular location of your stretch of shoreline, your needs for wave and water protection may vary. Our designers take the time to evaluate every residential and commercial client for their particular needs. A home located on a channel leading to a marina may require a riprap embankment or revetment. Others may need a new vertical seawall installed or modified. Both act to dampen and redirect wave energy that may cause erosion and property damage.

A riprap embankment is a cost-effective method for protecting your shoreline from erosion. We deposit layers of broken limestone along your shore near open water.

Our company specializes in retaining wall construction as well as seawall maintenance and repair. Your customized design is installed with the finest vinyl, concrete, and aluminum on the market today.

Stationary Decks and Floating Docks

Say goodbye to that deteriorating dock when you establish a partnership with our deck installation contractors. We install, repair, and maintain a broad array of marine structures that make living on the coast a joy. Sit down with our designers and learn how you can modify your existing deck with stairways and walkways.

Build a brand-new boathouse and a stationary dock that connects you with the fish beyond the shoreline. Our designs feature an exotic combination of Ipe wood, concrete, and advanced composites.

Our marine contractors are capable of installing functional decks that fit your active lifestyle. Walk out of your front door and step into excitement with our jet ski lifts. Each lift is crafted with cutting-edge aluminum and stainless steel and offers up to an 80,000 pound weight capacity. Our technicians install line gearboxes and motors with no-weld construction.

Boat Lifts

We are here to help you find the right part for all of your boat dock and boat lift needs. Let our experience work for you. When you purchase our Premium Boat Lift know widely known for its reliability, speed and quiet operation you can be sure that you’ve purchased the right product to do the job right the first time.


Pavers and Yard Restoration

Our group has a tremendous portfolio of renovated and custom built outdoor solutions. From simple patios and walkways to elaborate pool decks with a variety of paving types and techniques, we are ready to meet your needs.

Almost any outdoor creation you can imagine, we can materialize for you with your budget and time needs in mind. With the most experienced outdoor craftsmen in the trade, our company can work with you in designing and completing your unique project. We proudly work with vendors like Southern Florida Landscaping, Old Castle Coastal, and Schatz Landscaping Design.

Contact us today for commercial and residential marine construction services. We proudly serve clients from across the country.